Your Back Yard Oasis 

Landmark Pools has the Avon CT area's most experienced inground pool contractors. If you would like to change the way you use your back yard next summer, talk to Landmark and plan the pool of your dreams. Our friendly and knowledgeable Landmark Pools staff look forward to talking to you about your dream custom pool and spa. We have been the leading builder of custom in-ground swimming pools in greater Hartford for three decades. Im

Pool Chlorination with Salt and Electrolysis

Sensitivity to pool chlorine can be avoided in salt water pools. Salt-water swimming pools are an attractive alternative to swimmers sensitive to the odor associated with pool chlorine compounds. Landmark Pools is the Suffield area's local custom in-ground swimming pools and spa contractor in greater Hartford. Swimmers who experience unpleasant eye, skin and lung irritation associated with pool chlorination assume

Durable and Beautiful Gunite Pools

As experienced gunite pool contractors, Landmark Pools offer a myriad of services in the Suffield area. With thirty plus years of experience, Landmark Swimming Pools leads the pack when it comes to innovation, skill, and value. When you want your pool design to truly reflect your personality, gunite should be your first consideration.  Gunite is a popular material because it is highly durable and your pool can be creat

Landmark Pools is the Hartford area's leading contractor for gunite pools. We have a 30 year history in the area as a quality swimming pool contractor. We are experts in pool design, installation, repair and maintenance. Gunite is a material that allows you to design a truly unique pool. When you want your pool to truly reflect your personality, gunite should be your first consideration. Of all the inground pool materials available today, gunite is popular because it is highly durable and your p