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If you are sensitive to chlorine, consider salt-water swimming pools as an alternative. If you or your family would prefer a less reactive alternative to pool sanitation, why not look into installing a salt-water system in your Landmark Swimming Pool? Many people are bothered by skin or eye irritation when swimming in chlorine treated pools. Generally, if the smell of chlorine is overwhelming, the water is not being maintained properly. Some people look into salt-water systems for their backyard pools thinking they can get away from chlorination. A salt-water swimming pool sanitation still relies on some chlorination, but the delivery system is very different.

The salt in salt-water swimming pools does not affect buoyancy, nor does it disinfect your water from algaes, bacteria, mold and other organisms. In the traditionally chlorinated pool, pool water is maintained by adding either pure chlorine gas or by pouring chlorine compounds into the water. In a poorly maintained pool, unhealthy levels of chloramine compounds can build up and cause irritation.  Salt-water pools use salt – sodium chloride – and electrolysis to continuously deliver disinfecting chlorine compounds without the irritating by-products  that cause lung or eye irritation. A salt water system may significantly reduce the irritation some swimmers experience in chlorinated pools.

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