Are you ready to design a custom swimming pool for your home in Chester CT? If so, call the best in the business at Landmark Pools. For almost 40 years, Landmark Pools has been a trusted provider of custom, inground swimming pools and hot tubs. In addition to new construction, Landmark Pools is proud to offer maintenance and repair services for existing pools and spas. When you are ready to create the oasis of your dreams, trust the company with four decades of experience; trust Landmark Pools.

Over the years, Landmark Pools has become a name synonymous with excellence. Our company is known across the state for our commitment to providing Connecticut families with the best in inground pool and spa design and construction. We are proud to offer our clients with world-class, completely customized gunite swimming pools.

What is gunite and why do we swear by it? At Landmark Pools, we value delivering exceptional, unique pools and gunite allows us to do just that. It is a premium building material that allows for completely free-form design. Each pool and spa created by the Landmark Pools design and construction team is 100% unique. Our expert contractors are able to deliver you the pool of your dreams. We take the time to really understand and complement the natural topography of your property.

Call Landmark Pools today. We are proud to be a full service company offering both top-quality construction as well repair and maintenance. When you are ready to commit to a pool, let Landmark Pools protect your investment by doing it right. We are ready to create your Chester oasis. Call 1-800-545-1460 today to hear about what we can do for your property.


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