Perks of Salt Water Pools in Torrington CT

Perks of Salt Water Pools Torrington CT

Are you looking to educate yourself on the perks of owning a saltwater pool in Torrington, CT? Look no further as we dive deeper into not only the health benefits but the money-saving benefits too! It is a known fact that saltwater pools are easier to maintain, but did you know they also offer tons of health and beauty benefits too?  Not to mention, they are significantly cheaper than maintaining a chlorinated pool. Imagine ditching all of the chlorine tablets and switching to one or two salt bags per season!  Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons why you should make the switch.

It can act as a gentle exfoliating agent

It can be incredibly difficult to find non-irritating exfoliants when you have sensitive skin. Fortunately, salt water contains gentle, yet effective, exfoliating properties that can benefit tons of different skin types and conditions. Scaling psoriatic skin, eczema, and acne can be majorly improved when you spend time in salt water.

It's gentler on your eyes and skin

You know the feeling all too well - the red, burning eyes from chlorinated pools. The one thing that brings your fun in the sun to a screeching halt. Instead of exposing your body to the chemicals used in traditionally chlorinated pools, salt periodically produces chlorine. This acts as a natural disinfectant, meaning it's not as harsh on your eyes or skin and you can swim more comfortably.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Saltwater isn't just great for you physically, but it's also beneficial for your mind by helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. Salt water therapy is on the rise, click here to read more about the benefits!  Research has shown that its calming and detoxifying effects can promote relaxation.

Relieve sore muscles and joints

If you have experience using Epsom salt or bath bombs at home, you probably know how beneficial salt water is for your muscles.  Salt contains bromine which has many pain-reducing benefits.

It's better for the environment

Saltwater pools are also better for the environment! In traditional pools, it's chloramines that give off the strong chlorine odor. They are useful because they attach to dirt and sweat to keep the pool clean, but they also emit gas from the water into the air.  It should be noted that saltwater pools do have a small amount of chlorine, but when the water evaporates, it isn't nearly as harmful to the environment as traditionally chlorinated water is.

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Perks of Salt Water Pools in Torrington CT