Pool Chlorination with Salt and Electrolysis

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People who are sensitive to pool chlorination may find salt-water swimming pools an attractive alternative. We are Landmark Pools, and we build custom in-ground swimming pools and spas in greater Hartford. Over the years we have spoken to many people who like the idea of a built in swimming pool but are sensitive to "pool smell" associated with chlorine. Many people experience unpleasant eye, skin and lung irritation associated with pool chlorination. Swimmers with reddened, irritated eyes assume they are suffering from too much chlorine in the pool. Actually, when pool water is irritating, there is not enough chlorine in swimming pool water. You may be surprised to learn that there is no odor to a well-managed pool. 

Chlorination is a pool water sanitation method based on adding chlorine either as a gas or as chlorine compounds poured directly into the water. In a poorly maintained pool, unhealthy levels of chloramine compounds can build up and cause irritation. Chloramines result from the combination of two ingredients: chlorine disinfectants and perspiration, oils and urine that enter pools on the bodies of swimmers. Salt-water swimming pool sanitation is in fact based on chlorination, but the delivery system is very different. Salt water swimming pools use sodium chloride (salt) and electrolysis to deliver active and natural chorine into the system. Pool salt is poured into the water, and the electrolyzer is connected to the pool’s filtration circuit. This form of pool water sanitation is less reactive than the conventional chlorination method, and leaves no unpleasant chlorine smell. Since water treatment in saltwater pools is automated through the use of the electrolyzer, maintenance is much easier. The replenishment of the salt is much less frequent than with the disinfectant pebbles used with chlorine pools.

Summer fun days are right around the corner. Landmark Swimming Pool Contractors build world-class gunite in-ground swimming pools, salt-water swimming pools and custom spas. Landmark Pools will design and craft your custom pool to complement the topography of your property. Landmark Swimming Pools has been the leading builder of custom in-ground swimming pools in greater Hartford for three decades. A full-service swimming pool company, we also offer pool and spa maintenance and repair services. Call for a consultation today

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